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In our practice it is common to hear from individuals or couples concerned about having tax arrears with the IRS. What certainly strikes me is that most of them do not take immediate action to reduce its effects. Yes, decrease the effect because it is truly amazing the faster that the interest and penalties to increase the original debt. Some think that waiting for the moment in which to receive additional income, or the possible reimbursement of the next tax season, could help them to get out of the mess. Suddenly they realize that none of the expected options unfortunately was favorable, so now the problem is greater.

If we don't pay, we face the "IRS collection process". The collection process is a series of actions that the IRS can take against you to collect the taxes you owe if you voluntarily do not pay them. The collection process will start if yo do not make the payment required in full and in time after you recibe the invoice. In the process of collection you are faced in order of actions against you the following: Federal tax lien, levy, summons.

The worst mistake committed is to ignore them. There are several alternatives and we know how to help you in the process






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